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Yanmar Center

Karya Agro is a” Yanmar Center” which makes us an authorized dealer of Yanmar Turkey to sell all agricultural equipment, especially Solis tractors, tillers, and transplanters. All of the details of the agricultural equipment can be accessed through Yanmar.

Solis is a Spanish word which is derived from Latin, it describes the sun as a source of power and productivity. The Solis brand aims to produce tractors that are as crucial to the farmers as the very Sun that grows the plants and radiates prosperity. The blue used in the Solis logo is associated with the stability, strength, elegance, and formality. Calligraphy shows consistency and underlines the superb quality and consistency of our product.

Since 2017, Solis tractors has been started to meet with consumers with Yanmar assurance in Turkey as all over the world.

Today, ITL (International Tractor Limited), one of the Sonalika Group of companies in India, is one of the top six tractor manufacturers in the world. With Solis tractors which have been started to be produced in 1995, ITL blended their strong production capacity with the technology of the world’s first portable diesel engine manufacturer, Japanese giant corporation Yanmar by performing a cooperation. Since 2017, Solis tractors has been started to meet with consumers protected under Yanmar’s assurance in Turkey, and around the world. Solis tractors sold in Turkey are customized according to Turkish consumer’s needs, and have a wide range of products including single and double energized options in the range of 26 to 90 HP.

Solis tractors whose installations are completed at the factory established in Menderes district of Izmir, Turkey with the cooperation of Solis and Yanmar, are committed to continuous improvement to serve the Turkish farmers in the best way possible by expanding the dealer network every.

Any further information regarding to the tractors, you can visit the following web site.