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A new cutting edge steam sterilization technology is now available in our factory in Turkey!

We have the capacity to meet the required demands in our state-of-the-art steam sterilization unit. 99.98% of all microorganisms, including pathogens, can be destroyed in sterilization using dry steam. This method is not only natural and healthy, but also it can offer hygienic products to the consumer by extending its shelf life of the products. All of this is done while maintaining the colour and odour of the herbs. Our in-house steam sterilization process for microbial reduction, a well maintained and up to date in–house Lab for pathogen testing, and quality assurance safety programs with 3rd party audits guarantee a clean & safe processing environment.

Fact Sheet:

1. The product enters the spiral tube at a constant flow rate.
2. The product is heated up by direct contact with the hot tube and progresses inside the tube under the effect of its vibrations.
3. A small amount of steam, usually around 5 to 10%, is then injected to highly reduce the remaining micro‐organisms, preserving as much as possible the organoleptic properties of the product.
4. The product is stabilized and cooled down in a vibrating fluidized bed by HEPA filtered air.
5. The product exits at around “ambient temperature +10°C” and it is ready for packing.

Comparison with Conventional Technology:


• Batch Type
• No mixing
• Non-uniform treatment
• No precise control
• No cooling
• High risk of recontamination
• Damage of color
• Slow


• Continuous
• Constant Mixing
• Uniform Treatment
• Cooling with hepa filtered air
• Guarenteed elimination of pathogens
• No recontamination
• No color change
• Fast

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