İnönü Mahallesi
Zeki Oztas Street No:44
35870 Torbali, İzmir, Turkey
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Our warehouse has 5.000 m2 closed and 15.000 m2 total area along with two separate loading ramps. We can utilize the ramps so that loading and unloading can be performed separately. During entry, all of the merchandise is rigorously checked at the laboratory in the house to ensure that the product is up to our customers’ highest standards. According to the lab report all of the awaiting merchandise is separated to either red, yellow, or green zones. After acceptance of the goods the bookkeeping is done through a barcode system, which allows us to monitor the merchandises life during the upcoming processes. During our products lifecycle, after each process step our products are stored separately. All these systems are in place in order to satisfy our FIFO (first in first out) principle.
In the course of our production hygiene is ensured with our cleaning staff and daily wipe downs. In addition, pest control is provided by a third-party company, and is carried out from entry through to the final loading stage. Finally, occupational health and safety (OHS) is not only required by law to be monitored but also endorsed since our company policy puts human health above all else.

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