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Quality and Food Safety Policy

Karya Agro is in a sector where any mistake effecting quality and food safety may harm a human being, this is why Karya Agro, including its business partners and employees; with its legal and regulatory requirements agrees to produce products which are followed by an unbreakable food safety chain that will meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level.


To provide sustainable agriculture requirements
To produce reliable food that meets customer demands in compliance with regulations with high quality and food safety standards
To ensure that our policies are explained, implemented and maintained at all levels of our organizations
To ensure that our products comply with food safety requirements and legal regulations
Working with specialized personnel, developing our employees with continuous trainings.
Making necessary resource investments in the light of developing technology and science.
To ensure the continuity of the food safety chain, while delivering reliable food to our customers, where the microbiological, chemical and physical hazards that meet food safety and quality requirements are kept under control.


To deliver our products to a large consumer base on time with reasonable costs.
To improve our employees’ environment, occupational health and safety as well as the quality and food safety
Branding in international markets
To fulfill the highest sensitivity and requirements in the sector regarding the environment, occupational health and safety.

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